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Welcome to the catalog of gifts for companies and corporate Discover the authentic essence of Mexico with our collection of Mexican gifts! Immerse yourself in the rich culture and craftsmanship of this vibrant country through our carefully selected range of products. From colorful handicrafts to exquisite pieces of Mexican folk art, each item in our catalog tells a unique story and represents the passion and talent of Mexican artisans.

Huichol Art - Figuras forradas con chaquiras (Figurines covered with beads)

Huichol chaquira figures: They are an art form traditionally made by the Huichol people, also known as Wixárika, in Mexico. These figures are handmade from chaquira, which is a type of small, colorful glass bead, and are used to create intricate and vibrant designs. Huichol chaquira figurines are recognized for their visual beauty and for the symbolic and spiritual meanings they convey.

Yarn Tables - Huichol Art

Yarn painting: Wixárika worsted boards are a traditional art form of the indigenous Wixárika community in Mexico, also known as Huichol. These tablas are artistic creations that use brightly colored and vibrant yarn to form intricate and symbolic designs.

Huichol Art Accessories - Chaquira and other materials

Accessories: Chaquira accessories are a distinctive and significant part of traditional Huichol craftsmanship. The Huichol, also known as Wixárikas, are an indigenous ethnic group of Mexico known for their colorful and symbolic art, which often includes intricate chaquira designs.

Huichol Art of Mexico: The "Mexican popular art" represents an invaluable wealth for Mexican culture, this craft represented by a wide range of colors and shades manages to capture the magic of a unique culture. The origin of Mexican popular art lies in an ancestral tradition, the physical transcription of the images visualized by the artists, allowing them to cross the creative threshold. These works of popular art are made with ancestral techniques, each one with symbolic motifs, the history of the culture and legends of its cosmogony that offer us a panorama of Mexican society. Discover the art and culture of Mexico through his works.

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It is important to purchase these handicrafts through reliable stores or distributors that work directly with Huichol artists and respect their work and traditions. This way, you can ensure that the gifts are authentic and that the artists receive fair recognition for their work.