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Huichol art microchaquira earrings; handmade artisan jewelry pieces that reflect the rich tradition and artistic skill of the Huichol culture.

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Set of microchaquira earrings - Arte Huichol

Huichol earrings with micro beads are delicate and eye-catching pieces that often feature small and detailed designs. They may include traditional Huichol motifs, such as the sun, moon, stars or sacred animals.

Microchaquira earrings are traditional jewelry made by the indigenous Huichol community in Mexico. These jewelry are made with small chaquira beads, which are meticulously strung together to create intricate designs and colorful patterns. The Huichol have a rich tradition in the art of chaquira, which is reflected in their jewelry, as well as in other decorative and ceremonial objects. Microchaquira earrings are especially valued for their beauty and the detailed craftsmanship required to create them.

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