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A Huichol art rooster with beads would be a representation of a rooster made using the Huichol art technique.

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Rooster intervened with Huichol Art

The Huichol art figurine is a piece traditionally used in ceremonies and rituals by the Huichol indigenous people of Mexico.

A Huichol art rooster is a handcrafted piece made by the indigenous Huichol community of Mexico. These works of art are usually adorned with chaquiras, small brightly colored beads that adhere to a surface coated with beeswax or copal resin.

The rooster, in this context, is a symbol of great importance in Huichol cosmology and mythology. It represents power, courage and protection. In addition, in Huichol ceremonies and rituals, the rooster can be used as an offering to the gods to ask for blessings and protection.

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