Discover the mystical Huichol Handicraft

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Huichol Handicrafts - Mystical and Colorful

Huichol Handicrafts - Discover their colorful and mystical handicrafts, in the different cities of Mexico you have surely come across some piece made by the skilled hands of the artisans of Nayarit. But, did you know that they have a high symbolic value?

Huichol craftsmanship is recognized worldwide for its beauty and complexity in the elaboration, to the extent that many of its pieces become an object of worship among connoisseurs.


These items are closely linked to the social and religious life of the Huichol people, and are often very difficult to obtain, so their search becomes one of the most exciting activities when visiting a place where they are exhibited and that specializes in Huichol art or in the state of Nayarit itself, on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Of the crafts that contain a high religious symbolism we can list the following: 

Muvieris.- Small bamboo arrows with feathers at one end that are originally used by shamans in their ceremonies and that you can also find in small representations with feathers at their ends and that are decorative. 

Niérikas.- There are those that are considered visions and they are pictures or yarn paintingsAlso known as nierikas are circular weavings of multicolored worsted, with a hole in the center, sometimes with a mirror covering the hole.

Tacuats.- Embroidered or chaquira-embroidered backpacks, inside which shamans keep sacred symbols

Uweni.-  Equipal or small armchair for ritual use

Tepos.- Drums made with oak trunks.

In the different cities of Mexico you have surely come across some piece made by the skilled hands of Nayarit artisans. But, did you know that these pieces have a high symbolic value?

On the other hand, Huichol artisans make very high quality and colorful pieces such as the products made by the skillful hands of the artisans, which are of complex elaboration, such as the figures lined with chaquirachaquira masksnecklacesbraceletsearrings and many other things that surprise the imagination that although they are not ritual objects, they are part of the magical world of the Huichol people. 

Huichol art from Mexico